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SAMS Pest Control Sydney is a local bee control company serving in Sydney and the neighbouring districts of Sydney. If you have tried and failed to manage the rescue requirements on your own. Then it is time to call in our Bee Removal Sydney professionals. Since it is very difficult to remove bees from the house. We have a staff with complete education and guidance. Our bee collector knows the behaviour of the bees and then acts wisely for bee relocation. We ensure the safety of bees there. We use natural and safe methods to remove bees from the wall.

Thus contact us as soon as possible at [02 4058 2690]. Since you will find us at the top while searching for the best bee removal service near me. Moreover, our bee removal cost is also budget-friendly. So do not hesitate and ring us anytime.

Bee Removal Sydney

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The Types Of Bees That Our Team Can Remove

  • Carpenter bees (Xylocopa virginica) – Carpenter bees have shiny black abdomen. They are categorised as solitary bees. Females are the ones who build holes and tunnels in the wood. This is followed by them laying eggs. The male carpenter bees tend to guard the nests. You can call us for carpenter bee control services.
  • Honey bees (Apis mellifera) – Honey bees are very common in Sydney. They are brown and hairy insects. Honeybees are usually found in colonies. Their nests have combs that are made of beeswax. They come in swarms during the spring and can cause a lot of damage during the process. Our bee exterminator has the right tools and equipment to deal with honeybees. 
  • Bumble bees  (Bombus spp.) – Bumble bees are yellow and very fuzzy. They have black stripes on their body. Bumble bees are just 1 inch long and are small-sized bees. They are found in burrows, voids and under porches. Save yourself from bumble bee stings and call our team today. 
  • Green carpenter bees (Xylocopa) – These bees have shiny metallic bodies and a tint of yellow and blue. They build nests as burrows in flower stalks or timber. Green carpenter bees are commonly found in Sydney.
  • Reed beesExoneura and BraunsapisReed bees have slender black bodies. They are known for having a res abdomen. These bees are mostly found around berry bushes and ferns. Get rid of reed bees using our bee hive removal services in Sydney.

Our Method Of Managing Bees In Sydney

  • Inspection of the property – The first step is to thoroughly inspect the property. We are in search of any beehives on your property. They are usually found in voids, vents, attics, crawlspaces and hollow walls. Also, trees are common locations as well.
  • Removing all bees around – Once our team has spotted all the beehives, we will remove them. Firstly, we’ll inject the pesticide and insecticide inside the nests. Secondly, we’ll also lay down baits and traps. This way the bee swarms will be removed gradually. Moreover, we have affordable bee exterminator prices for bee removal services in Sydney.
  • Removing beehives from the area – Bees cause painful stings. Hence, they are considered a threat. Removing their nests is a dangerous task. You should always contact a professional to do the job. As there can be dangerous consequences if you try to do it on your own.
  • Destroying the nests – The most important step in bee pest control is to destroy the nests. We use aerosols, pesticides and sprays to do this process. Also, it should be done with caution as they pose a sting threat. Hence, we have a team who will safely discard and destroy the nest. Without causing any disturbances or harm to people around. Hence, we use a bee suit as a safety measure and provide an efficient bee hive relocation service in Sydney.
  • Final inspection – Lastly, our bee removal Sydney team will inspect the property for the last time. We need to make sure all the bees are discarded. And no trace of the beehive is left behind.

Where And How Do Bees Build Hives?

Bees who build the hives are called worker bees. The comb in the beehive is a six-sided or hexagonal shape area. The beeswax is used to make tubes for the comb. This way more honey can be stored and less beeswax is used. Hence, worker bees spend their lives building the beehive. And store all the honey. Also, the beehive is used to brood the larvae as well. Therefore, this is how bees build their hives build their nests. Our bee removal Sydney team can remove Want bee removal near me services in Sydney? Our bee removalist team is just a call away.

Same-Day Bee Removal Services Are Available In Sydney

Looking for a same-day bee removal service near me? Our bee removal Sydney team provides prompt services. We are available all around Sydney. And are the best local bee control experts around you. Whether it is a same-day service or an emergency service, our bee rescue team will arrive on time. You can make your appointments by calling us. And a proper quote and schedule will be fixed immediately. Hence, you do not have to wait anymore for removing bees from house.


Q.1 What season is the bee season?

Springtime is the bee season. Bee swarms start coming out during the spring due to the warmer temperatures. And also the blooming of the flowers. Hence, bees stay active throughout spring and summer.

Q.2 Can I remove the bees on my own?

It is not recommended to remove bees and beehives on your own. The nature of the bees is to sting when they are disturbed. Hence, call a professional bee swarm removal team for this job. As they are trained specifically to remove bees.

Q.3 How expensive is the process of bee removal in Sydney?

Many factors affect the cost of bee removal in Sydney. Firstly, the location of the property is a big factor. Secondly, the number of beehives present and the intensity of the bee infestation. Our company offers affordable bee removal Sydney services without any extra charges.

Q.4 How long will it take for the bees to go away after the treatment?

It typically takes 1-2 days for the bees to vacate the property. It depends on the size of the bee colony. And also the population of the beehives near your property. You can contact our professionals and they will give you a good estimate about this.

Bee Removal Sydney
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