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Having moths could make you so offensive and irritated as moths can cause some types of allergies. Having moth flies in your home can affect your health as they wander on dirty things and also they can wander on your lovely food in the kitchen. So, if you notice moth infestation in your home, call our Professional Moth Controllers. Our professionals of SAMS Pest Control Sydney, use the best spraying methods and pest solutions for eliminating them from your home. We have the best service providers who know how to catch moths or control them by using natural pesticides. And, you can book us any time if you are searching for Moth Control Sydney. We will be the best choice for moth removal. We are 24/7 hours available for offering you Same-day Moth Control Services.

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Signs On How To Identify Pantry & Cloth Moth

Before thinking “what to do if I have an infestation of moths at my home?”, you need to think of how to find them out and confirm their presence. To find out if your home has moths like pantry moths and cloth moths, you need to look for certain signs. Signs for pantry and cloth moths are probably the ones from below: 

Signs Of A Pantry Moth Infestation

  • Pantry moths have distinct reddish-brown stripes on their outside wings
  • You find pantry moths flying around your place in search of food source
  • Webs are built by these moths on the corners of food packages or sometimes even on the inside of the product
  • Unpleasant odours coming from products like cereals and flour
  • Grains are clumped together because of the sticky substances secreted by the pantry moths them.

Signs Of A Cloth Moth Infestation 

  • Cream-coloured small cloth moths appear to crawl on any surfaces or in flight 
  • On clothing like, rugs, carpets, blinds and curtains, crusty deposits are found
  • Larvae casing of moths are stuck to fabric materials in the form of tiny tubes
  • The reason for fur items to shed excessively is cloth moths 
  • You notice trenches, irregular holes and silky furrows on fabrics and fabrics of wool. 

How Harmful Is Moth?

In a line, moths are not harmful as well as they are. Is this a bit confusing? We’ll clarify this for you by reasoning out for both. For example, touching moths is not poisonous but their spines can cause itchiness and mild symptoms of irritation. This way they aren’t harmful pests but harmful to a certain extent for sure like the following: 

  • Do Not Attack: Most the moth types are known to be peaceful creatures and do not hurt or attack humans. This activity of moths is very much unlike pests such as wasps, ants, bees, etc.
  • Do Not Bite: Moths do not have mouths and hence you can consider that they do not bite. Moreover, adult moths aren’t physically active and scared to bite or come in contact with others. 
  • Economic Damages: These moths do cause you a certain kind of economic damage relating to food, clothes and other belongings. They are also the main cause of contamination and destruction of textiles such as fur and wool. 
  • Nuisance: Moths are also a nuisance to those people that have allergic reactions and asthma problems. In fact, the presence of moths itself triggers these issues in residential properties. 

A 3-Step Program We Respectively Follow For Every Moth Control

Once you see the signs of moth infestation across your home, look for our moth control Sydney exterminators. Because despite not causing direct harm to you, moths and their species are one of the reasons for damages to your property and other personal items. Therefore, we follow a 3-step program for carpet moth extermination and other moths to stop damages from happening. Our main reason for this is to stop the potential infestations and get rid of already present infestations in residential places. With our 3-step moth control and treatment, your property becomes free of moths and their larvae. Moreover, we also help in safeguarding your health and give you maximum protection. Our procedure is as follows:

  • Moth Inspection

The first step to moth caterpillar control we follow is to thoroughly inspect the place you called to take our help. While inspecting the area, we make sure to check outdoors as well as indoors of a property. The reason for inspection is to completely destroy adult moths as well as their larvae. During the moth inspection, we try finding the type of moth and damage it caused your home. In addition to this, we also determine the level of moth infestation across your place and the factors contributing to it.

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

After inspecting to find moths and their presence across your property, we do a treatment plan. However, there is a gap between inspecting and implementing their treatment. This gap will be filled on what is needed before implementing the moth control in house. The necessities vary depending on cabbage, carpet, winter moth control, etc.

Once we fix what is required for pest control carpet moths and others, we start specific chemical treatment. This treatment includes the involvement of chemical sprays, pesticides, insecticides and more. This step ensures the complete removal of moths along with their nests.

  • Moth Prevention Advice

To guide you on how to prevent moths from entering your place, we give you advice on moth prevention like below: 

  • Try keeping adult moths out of your place 
  • If you suspect the presence of cloth moths, clean your clothes regularly
  • Fill your place with scents of cedar as they repel moths as well as their larvae
  • Hang bags of rosemary, thyme, cloves and lavender once you find moths
  • Vacuum and dust your carpets, rugs and other fur belongings. 

Why Is SAMS Pest Control The Most Recommended One In Sydney? 

We are one of the recommended teams for moth removal, control and treatment everywhere in Sydney. Even on short notice, we come to your place to do same-day and emergency moth pest control services. In addition to this, we are a reputable company that offers below: 

  • Certified Moth Controllers: In emergencies of severe moth infestations at your home, you need our certified moth controllers. We are not just certified to do winter moth control but also other species moth control services.
  • Moth Pest Control Cost: The moth pest control cost we charge our Sydney residents are reasonably low. Moreover, our service costs are purely transparent with differently charged only for a pre-purchase inspection.
  • Skilled In-Field Team: We are a skilled in-field team that has years of experience in how and what to do for moth control. In addition to being a skilled team, we are background-checked and licensed.
  • If Requested, Avail Follow-Up Treatment As Well- As a verified team, we also do follow-up treatment for moth caterpillar control upon request. However, we do this only once we thoroughly re-inspect the treated area.
  • Team Of Sydney- We are local teams of Sydney that are highly knowledgeable about all species of moth control and treatment. Also, we provide in-time service when you contact us for any moth pest treatment in Sydney.
  • Any Day Appointments- Even on short notice, you can avail of our appointments for the moth control Sydney services. We take 24/7 hour slot bookings despite the day, week and month of the year.


Q.1 Can you state a few facts about moths?

Moth facts are:

  • On a cloudy night, moths use the geomagnetic signals for direction purposes
  • Impersonate other pests in order to avoid predators and other animals 
  • Some moths evolved in order to look like mantes, wasps and spiders
  • Although not having a nose, moths can smell through their antennas. 

Q.2 Is your pantry moth extermination service safe?

Yes, our pantry moth extermination is safe because of the involvement of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly control solutions. In fact, our non-toxic moth control in house is safe for kids as well as your pets in addition to pregnant women. So, call to hire us today! 

Q.3 Are moths in Sydney dangerous?

Yes, Sydney moths are dangerous because they cause harm to humans and their pets when moths feel threatened by them. Moths are pests that cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions and other serious illnesses. So, beware of them and hire our moth control Sydney team of exterminators.

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