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Possums can cause so many diseases to you as well as they can cause food poisoning. So, it is your duty to eliminate them if you want a healthy family. You can get the help of our company Sams Pest Control Sydney. Our Possum Controllers of this company are offering the best kind of services and offer various facilities during the process. You can have our professional services with your preference. We will use the most effective pesticides and possum repellents for killing the possums. We first do an inspection and then we treat possum pests according to their infestation in your home. We treat possum pests by using modern technologies and upgraded pesticides. Our customers can hire our service providers at any time even in an emergency case. We will be available to serve our customers for the emergency possum removal Sydney service.

Possum Removal Sydney

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The Best Possum Catcher In Sydney: We Are Just A Call Away

A lot of homeowners complain about possum infestation at their property. If possum attacks are often on your property, then you can get the best solution from our team to stop such incidences. We at Sams Pest Control offer flawless Possum Removal Sydney services while not being harsh on your pocket. Our certified possum catcher makes successful attempts to trap and remove this disease-carrying animal, sustaining the sterility of your property. 

Moreover, we are a Sydney local team so you can expect the best help and service without waiting for hours. We are just a call away. Our team can help you in all aspects of possum control whether it be fencing the garden and roof area, setting possum catching boxes or finding what is bringing them to your property. We are available to provide complete help.

Efficient And Reliable Possum Control Services In Sydney

We can assure you that you will get all the required treatments for Possum Removal services with our professional service providers. Our Local Possum Exterminators are skilled and well-known for their knowledge about possum behaviour as well as they can easily detect the possums hidden in your home. To get inspection and removal services, you can directly call us at SAMS Pest Control Sydney. We are 24/7 hours available for Possum Removal Sydney needs. You can get facilities such as:

  • Possum Box Installation: We remove possums with the required installation of possum boxes by attracting them with their preferred food. We use possum boxes as an effective trap to catch them professionally.
  • Possum Catching Set-Up: According to the possum protection rules, we cannot kill possums but we can remove them from your property. With some professional skills, we perform the whole procedure and catch possum professionally. We set up all possum-catching equipment to make your lifestyle easy and convenient.
  • Easy Possum Relocation: With our possum relocation services, you can be tension free because we are here. We can relocate the possums and can save your time as well as your money that could be spent on the damages caused by the possum pests. So, call us when you need to get possum removal facilities in Sydney and its suburbs.

Types Of Possums And How To Identify Them

There are around thirty different possum species. Among them, the ringtail and the brushtail are mostly seen in residential areas. Though their main habitat is a forest when they lack basic needs they move towards human localities. At a single glance, the animal might appear scary. Put your fears aside and check these signs to identify types through the following attributes.

  • Tail size: The one with a long slender tail and a white tip at the edge is known as a ringtail possum. On the other hand, the brushtail possum usually has a bushy long black tail that resembles a feather duster.
  • Body size: While ringtail possums are around thirty cm long the brushtail ones are as big as a cat.
  • Colour: If you notice a greyish brown or a reddish brown possum sneaking around your house, then it must be a ringtail possum. On the other hand, the big brushtail possums appear in four different colour variants including brown, silver-grey, gold, and black.

The moment you notice a possum on your property you should immediately think about this because that can turn into a big problem. One possum can signal other possums if it feels safe on your property. 

Approaches We Use To Eliminate Possum From A Home

Rated as the best humane possum removal service provider in Sydney, we undertake customized approaches to remove these disease-spreading mammals. Here is the step-by-step process that our team for Possum Removal Sydney follows to help you keep your property possum free.

  • Short inspection

We start our possum removal program with an inspection to assess the current status. After gathering essential information, we plan best-fit traps to carry out the possum pest control session.

  • Setting up a cage and fruit in a cage

After that, we install a cage keeping a piece of fruit inside it as bait. The fruity fragrance allures these nocturnal animals and compels them to enter the cage.

  • Capture and release

The automated cage closes promptly the moment a possum enters it. So make sure to monitor the cage every now and then. Inform us when the animal gets trapped so that we can proceed with the next step of releasing it.

  • By law, er cannot leave more than 50 metres away

As per state regulations, we cannot release the possum more than 50 metres away from a property where it’s captured; thus, we act accordingly.

  • Multiple visits

We believe in offering post-care services to our clients to ensure everything is going well. So you can book multiple visits if you find anything suspicious related to possums.

Our Possum Removal Sydney Services To Meet Different Client Requirements

We totally understand that each property has its individual possum infestation story. Thus, our primary goal is to evaluate different situations to offer custom-fit Possum Removal Sydney approaches.

  • Residential possum removal

Our reliable possum removal company takes the proper initiative to eliminate these threatening creatures from home and garden. We set up a cage and bait to catch possums and relocate them to their safe zones. 

  • Commercial possum removal

A possum-infested commercial establishment can lead to employee health hazards, reducing your organizational revenue. To foster proper hygiene and maintain productivity at your workplace, we provide fine-tuned possum removal services.

  • General possum inspection

We conduct a general possum inspection where we detect the most common places from where these pests are likely to enter your property. Then our team offers customized solutions to block those entrances.

  • Emergency possum removal

Possums can be very smelly, which can irritate your nose and mood. Also, these pests are liable to cause food poisoning. So we take immediate action to catch them right away. You can trust our team for emergency possum removal services in Sydney. 

  • Backyard possum removal

The chances of possum infestation increase when you have a backyard or garden. However, we equip you with safe and convenient backyard possum removal with a guaranteed outcome.

  • Under deck possum removal

Possums find under-deck areas as their favourite spot to breed. With our customized solutions, we make sure to remove them from those areas and prevent them from growing on your property. 

Why Is Choosing Possum Removal Essential?

Possums tend to carry parasites, leading to multiple life-threatening diseases. Also, they are not very friendly towards your pets. Besides these, you must choose possum removal as soon as possible if you don’t want yourself to indulge in the following situations.

  • Damage in the garden

If you have a beautiful floral and fruit garden, be aware of possums. They usually like to nest on the trees, and can destroy your garden, eating up the fruits and veggies you’ve grown.

  • They can make your house a mess

Possums generally feed on your garbage and scatter food particles here and there around your home. This can also welcome other pests. 

  • The dead possums

Dead possums are particularly harmful to both humans and pets as it releases toxic microscopic compounds and gases. The cases of finding dead possums are very common when possums live around your property. It can be a tiring task for you to remove dead possums. 

Things We Do To Keep Possums Away From Your Kitchen, Roofs And Garages

Our committed Possum Removal Sydney team undertakes every effort required to stop your interaction with possums and remove them safely without endangering anyone’s health. Here are the different possum removal approaches we follow.

  • Possum nest box installation on a tree

If you have a garden in your home, we opt for installing a possum nest box on a tree. Since these animals love to stay on trees they easily fall under these traps and after that, we carefully release them safely.

  • Possum control box installation

If the animal is creating a nuisance inside your home we choose to install a possum control box in the possible areas including beneath the deck, attic, etc. Once it gets trapped we carefully remove it.

  • Possum nest box installation

Possum nest box installation is a pretty tricky task and should be performed only by professionals. So let us help you with the possum nest box installation program. It is safe and good to control a possum’s movement around your home.

Dead Possum Removal Is Easy: Ask Our Experts

A dead possum is even more dangerous than an alive one. The dead possum not only spreads the risk of transmitting diseases but also creates an intolerable ambience with its terrible odour. To restore the well-being and hygiene inside your property we offer dead possum removal services at all hours.

Why Choose Us For Possum Removal In Sydney?

As per government standards and norms killing a possum, even unintentionally is a crime. And the person in guilt is entitled to fines and penalties. So, we handle the entire possum removal program with utmost care ensuring the safety of the possums. Apart from this, there are more than one reasons that differentiate us from our alternatives. It includes:

  • Eco-friendly

We never use chemical sprays or repellents to remove possums, rather our team plumps for eco-friendly approaches like possum box installation.

  • Affordable

We believe in offering quality services at a reasonable budget. So we keep our possum removal cost affordable.

  • Certified professional

We collaborate with Possum Removal Sydney experts to accomplish all processes of possum control easily.

  • Follow rules set by law

Our team members accomplish the pest control program by complying with state laws.

  • Same day possum removal service

Depending on client requirements, we offer same-day possum and dead possum removal services.

Sydney’s Best Possum Inspection Specialists Are Here

Our Possum Inspection Specialists are very acknowledged because of their years of experience. The experience makes us more reliable and liable to give you the most efficient services according to your requirement. We work professionally and can be hired at any time for the Professional Possum Removal Sydney services. We inspect the whole property to give the most convenient services at your doorstep. So, make sure that you are getting services from our company SAMS Pest Control Sydney. You will definitely get the best results.


Q.1 What is the best way to differentiate rats and possums?

Rats might share a few similarities with possums, but there’s a fine line between both’s appearances. While rats have hairless long tails, the tails of possums are mostly hairy and bushy. Their body sizes are completely different.

Q.2 What is the best home remedy to keep possums away?

The strong smell of garlic, naphthalene, and ammonia effectively prevent possum infestation. So you can keep these ingredients near the pest-prone areas at your property to avert possums from breeding at your place.

Q.3 What attracts these possums to your property?

Possums are mainly attracted when they discover a source of food. So unsealed garbage beans, uncovered foods, etc. can invite them to your property.

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