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If you are willing to get professional services at the very cheapest price, hire our service providers. We are Professional Termite Controllers who are very talented to detect the exact level of termite growth in your home. AT Sams Pest Control Sydney, we provide an inspection service so that you can see whether the problem is severe or not. In other words, we can say that we protect the wooden items in your home by eliminating the Termite Infestation from them. We use scientific-tested products for removing termites so that we can safely do the job. Our all Termite Treatment will not affect the colour of the wooden structure of your house. So, call us for Termite Control Sydney and experience our professional services as you require or want.

Termite Control Sydney

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Certified Team For All Types Of Termite Treatments In Sydney 

Termites tend to chew up your wooden furniture, wallpapers, and flooring silently, causing irreversible property damage. Home remedies are not at all effective in clearing stubborn termite colonies. We at Sams Pest Control believe in taking customised initiatives when it comes to offering termite control Sydney services to our precious clients. We aim to meet our client’s requirements with a scientific and safe termite control method. Here are the topmost qualities that make us your number one choice for a termite removal program.

  • Odour free treatment

Termite removal sprays usually have a strong smell which makes people with smell sensitivity feel uneasy. So our professionals opt for odour-free chemical solutions and spray to carry out termite removal sessions.

  • Expertise

All our pest control agents are certified and have years of experience. Hence you can be assured that both your money and comfort are in safe hands.

  • No unexpected hidden cost

We never burden our clients with hidden or additional charges. Also, we keep our termite treatment cost reasonable and fits the common people’s budget perfectly.

  • Government protocols

Our pest control company abides by all the laws and standards set up by the government, offering a safe and legal termite treatment.

Hire Termite Inspection Service You Can Trust in Sydney

Having Termite Inspection is a very easy way to get complete knowledge of Termite Infestation in your home. An inspection report tells you everything related to your termite-infested home, the type of termite as well as the level of infestation that you are dealing with. So, get to us if you are looking for Termite Inspection Services in Sydney as well as nearby places. 

We will be available at the preferred time that will be comfortable for both. We give you the desired results that you can expect from our Termite Inspection Specialists and termite control. We have skilled and professional technicians and with that, we control termite infestation and other household pests. Furthermore, don’t worry about any hassle because we are professional and work efficiently to make your home termite-free. 

Different Types Of Termites And The Damage They Can Cause

When it comes to physical appearance, termites share a lot of similarities with flying ants. As a result, they stay undetected for years and keep destroying your home and furniture silently. Not handling the matter can cause significant damage to both your home and your well-being while keeping the infestation growing. So the moment you discover any sign of termite infestation, you should immediately seek professional termite control services. Around 2800 different termite species exist on earth, but the below-mentioned types are the ones to be concerned about in Sydney.

  • Drywood termites

Drywood termites usually take shelter inside your wooden furniture and feed on it. You can spot them, especially inside your attic, window frames, and door frames. The damage that these termites cause to your furniture stays unnoticed as the furniture appears fine from the outer appearance. However, the wood inside it confronts decay and damage.

  • Subterranean termites

Popularly known as ground termites, these subterranean termites live in colonies and can eat up to around 6.8 kg of wood a week. Generally, this termite type targets your property foundation, the plastic pipes, support beams, and insulations leading to expensive repairs.

  • Dampwood termites

Dampwood termites are most likely to build their colony in homes with moisture as well as plumbing issues. They feed on damp wooden furniture, causing permanent damage and decay. The damage they create looks even and clean within, so spotting them with bare eyes is pretty tricky.

  • Formosan termites

Among all types, Formosan termites are the worst destroyer. Alongside wood, these termites munch on other cellulose-based goods. Formosan termites might look tiny and insignificant but the extent of damage they do can drain out your pocket terribly. These termites eat up wood unbelievably fast.

Why Is It Essential To Opt For A Termite Inspection Before Termite Control Treatment

Any termite control treatment clearly relies on the severity of the infestation. Hence, conducting an inspection program is a must before chalking out the necessary treatment plan. Other reasons are:

  • A pre-termite pest inspection is necessary to identify the extension of the infestation.
  • The inspection program makes it easy to plump for a tailor-fit treatment plan.
  • It also helps to detect the hot spots and know where to start.
  • After conducting the termite detection method, professionals can hand you over a quote mentioning the customised approach, estimation, and timeline required for the termite removal program.

Different Types Of Termite Barriers That We Set  

With a dedicated team of pest control professionals, we at Sams Pest Control undertake the safest and most effective termite control Sydney barriers for preventing the growth and entrance of destructive termites to your property.

  1. Physical Barrier

Our primary goal is to block the entrance for the silent destructive pests. Thus we install physical barriers to both new constructions and already termite-infested properties. Our team places the barriers in suspected spots, including concrete slabs, wall cavities, and within foundations for termite protection. Made from solid rocks and metals, termites cannot penetrate through the barriers, protecting your house from potential termite damage.

  1. Chemical Barrier

We use termite removal chemical barriers, including insecticides carefully to make the soil around your property inhibited from termites. We treat the soil around your property. Additionally, our team handles the method with utmost caution maintaining your safety, comfort, and wellbeing. 

  1. Timber Protection Barrier

Wooden furniture in most households is vulnerable to termite attacks. Thus we provide a timber protection barrier where our experts safeguard your wooden furniture with our Timber Protection Barrier approach, snatching access from termites to damage your wooden furniture.

Solutions We Offer To Eliminate Old And New Termite Colonies

Assessing the condition, status, and type of termite infestation on your property, we offer fine-tuned termite control Sydney solutions while not causing any damage to the home furniture and your comfort. Here are the three crucial treatments we employ to perform our termite control program.

  • Use Of Termidor, Pyrethrum 

We use Termidor and pyrethrum to abolish old and new termite colonies guaranteed at the first attempt. However, these solutions come with toxicity concerns so you should not use them without expert guidance.

  • Spraying And Termite Treatment

Our team of pest control agents detect the infested spots and corners at your property and spray safe termite removal solutions at a decent amount.

  • Termite Colony Removal

Determining the condition of the infestation, we provide industry-leading treatments including follow-up services to eradicate termite colonies from your home and commercial set-ups. 

We Are Perfect For Building Pre-Construction Termite Treatment In Sydney 

If you are looking for a helping hand to make your new building construction termite resistant, our team for Termite Control Sydney is just one call away! Infusing state-of-the-art technology and techniques we offer flawless pre-construction termite treatment to make your house basement and surrounding area termite-proof. Call us today to get your customised termite treatment.

Get Same Day and Emergency Termite Inspection In Sydney

We give you the emergency termite inspection and same-day services according to your requirement. We can reach your place within the hours of booking to give you instant results. You can get any time services regarding termite inspection and extermination jobs. By providing the services on the same day or on an emergency, we never negotiate with the service quality. Our customers can hire our services at any time for Termite Control in Sydney.

Termite Control In Sydney And Nearby Regions: Call Us, Get Services Today

Termites can enter your property secretly and create substantial damage. But with us at Sams Pest Control you can remove termite colonies effectively from your property at the most reasonable price rate. We are proudly serving across Sydney and its neighbouring areas. Give us a call today to acquire emergency Termite Control Sydney services.

Why SAMS Pest Control Sydney

Sams Pest Control Sydney is the most popular in the pest control industry.  We provide professional termite control services at reasonable prices. Other facilities that our customers can get are very specific.

  • The reachability in both commercial and residential premises is one of the specialties that people choose. Because they can get commercial termite control and residential pest control services across Sydney from us. 
  • Our staff is skilled and certified. We have certificate III In Pest Management. 
  •  We give free quotes. 
  • People can get any time suggestions from the company. We will be liable to give you the best advice as per our knowledge.
  • The latest technology, we use while working for Termite Control Sydney requirements.
  •  Our pesticides for termite removal needs are completely safe because they are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  •  Our process and termite pest solutions are very effective to remove termite infestation for a long time period. Just need to follow up on the treatment.


Q.1 How to detect termite infestation at home?

Apart from noticing termite swarmers flying around your home, especially during Spring, there are other signs to spot the infestation, such as mud tubes on walls, wood damage, humming noise, termite mounds, etc.

Q.2 When is the best time for termite removal?

Termite removal treatment can be performed all year round. However, these pests mostly stay proactive during the monsoon due to their love for moist climates.

Q.3 What is the best way to prevent termite infestation?

A termite barrier and pre-construction termite treatment are considered the most popular approaches that can effectively safeguard your property, averting termite attacks.

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